Are Your Kids Angry? First Take A Breath… Then Learn The Best Way To React


It’s common for our kids to get angry, in the same way we also get mad when something annoys us. The important thing for us is to learn how to react in those situations. We can’t be complete pushovers and give in every time they have a tantrum, but we also can’t scream and be uncompromising every time they blink.

When it’s time to deal with our children in a bad mood we should first of all keep calm, learn th breathe and think before reacting. Here we have some tips that will help you deal better with your children when they’re upset.

Telling them NO isn’t enough


It’s common for us to tell off our kids by saying “NO”: “Don’t hit”, “Don’t throw things”, “Don’t scream”. When we do this, we’re just punishing an action. They know something is wrong but they don’t know why. We need to set rules for our kids and explain them to them.

Tell them whenever they do something good

To control your little one’s behavior it isn’t enough to say something is wrong. They must also know when they’re doing someting good. If they help you out at home or do something positive, tell them they did something good, congratulate them and motivate them to keep doing it.

Ignore the little things

There is bad behavior and then there is BAD BEHAVIOR. Not every bad thing they do is completely bad. There are some situations in which it’s best to ignore what they’ve done, tell them what they probably should have done instead and let they learn from their own mistakes.

Don’t shout


This is perhaps the biggest mistake we can make. When we shout we’re just telling our kids that shouting is the only way to get people to listen to you, so what will they end up doing? Shout to get us to listen to them. We must learn to keep calm and never react by screaming.

Be firm

A firm “No” is much more valuable and clear than when you shout the word. Our children understand when we’re talking to them seriously and in a different tone. It’s also important not to change that “no” because if we do, they’ll think that if they cry or scream they can convince us to change our minds. We must learn that when we’re firm we must remain so to the end. That’s why it’s also important not to be so strict with every little thing.

It isn’t easy to deal with anger, because occasionally it can be contagious. Learn to breathe and treat our kids in the best possible way. You’ll see how much easier it makes things in the long run.