Healthy Skin Meal Plan

We all know that beauty comes from within so are there beauty specific nutrients that will have you glowing like Cleopatra?

Unfortunately basic vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very common – even if you eat a reasonably balanced diet, a deficiency can occur. Many medications, as well as alcohol, will deplete the body of certain nutrients. For example, the oral contraceptive pill is well recognised to leach the body of various nutrients as well as reduce beneficial gut flora.

My favourite nutrient for amazing skin are the healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids. EFA’s are structural components of cell membranes where they ensure fluidity and stability. They help to regulate moisture loss and protect cells from injury and infection. A deficiency in EFA’s can be seen in many clinical symptoms such as dry, flaky skin, dry, brittle hair and nails, hormone dependant acne (pimples on the cheeks and jaw line), goose pimple like bumps on the upper arms, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

This week’s menu plan will focus on Omega 3 rich foods such as oily fish, flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, chia seed oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, nut milk, coconuts, spirulina, organic eggs, sesame seeds, tahini and hommus.




Breakfast: 1 slice rye toast with avocado and tomato
Lunch: Salad of rocket, can 3 bean mix, tuna & carrot. For all salad dressings this week use a combination of flaxseed oil or hemp seed oil with touch of tahini & fresh lemon juice
Dinner: 120gr grilled steak with steamed zucchini, broccoli & beans
Snacks: Small handful pepitas
Drinks: Hot water with half lemon squeezed in – have every morning on rising to cleanse your liver
Health notes: Steak is high protein – proteins are formed when chains of amino acids link together in specific sequences. The powerful antioxidant glutathione is produced from three amino acids. A lack of glutathione accelerates aging!


Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with sautéed spinach
Lunch: Power smoothie: 200ml almond milk, 30gr rolled oats, 1tsp spirulina, 1 tbsp natural yoghurt, 30gr frozen berries, 2 teaspoons chia seeds
Dinner: Grilled sardines with ratatouille
Snacks: 2 corn thins with tahini and lemon juice
Drinks: Wheatgrass shot
Health notes: Sardines are extremely high in omega 3’s – ensure they are super fresh


Breakfast: 1 slice sourdough toast with smoked salmon and avocado
Lunch: Vegetable, fetta & parsley quiche
Dinner: 2 grilled chicken drumsticks marinated in chilli with steamed green vegetables
Snacks: 1 apple
Drinks: Fresh coconut water
Health notes: Parsley is a great source of iron which is essential for making adequate collagen


Breakfast: Smoothie of almond milk, spirulina, natural yoghurt, banana, LSA & drizzle of flax seed oil
Lunch: Wrap with avocado, cherry tomato, fetta and red salmon
Dinner: 150gr baked ocean trout with mash sweet potato and steamed broccolini
Snacks: 1 kiwi fruit
Drinks: Rosehip tea
Health notes: Kiwi fruits are an excellent source of vitamin which aides collagen production


Breakfast: 1 cup oat porridge, 1 tsp chia seeds, banana, 1 tsp wheat germ, drizzle of honey and almond milk
Lunch :Sashimi & edemame
Dinner: 120gr baked lamb with salsa of olives & capsicum
Snacks: 2 rice thins with hommus and drizzle of lemon juice
Drinks: Fresh coconut water
Health notes: Wheat germ is high in vitamin E which helps prevent stretch marks


Breakfast: Smoothie of almond milk, spirulina, natural yoghurt, berries, LSA & drizzle of flax seed oil
Lunch: Chicken & rice noodle soup
Dinner: 150gr grilled barramundi with quinoa, sautéed mushrooms & spinach
Snacks: 8 pecans and a small handful of sunflower seeds
Drinks: Dandelion tea
Health notes: Pecans and sunflower seeds are both high in zinc which reduces acne


Breakfast: 2 pieces of rye toast with ricotta, cinnamon and honey
Lunch: Wrap with tahini, chicken, avocado & spinach
Dinner: 150gr grilled salmon with quinoa, fetta and cherry tomatoes
Snacks: 5 hazelnuts and 5 cashews
Drinks: Fresh coconut water
Health notes: Both hazelnuts and cashews are rich in magnesium which smoothes fine lines